Our Facilities

We are pleased to welcome you to our office. The facilities of Diamond Dental of Salinas were designed to maximize treatment efficiency and to provide utmost comfort and relaxation for our patients.

Reception Area

The new Integrated Kiosk and Family Check-In Feature revolutionizes patients' form completion process and a gives a better overall patient experience. Now patients can update contact info, insurance data, medical history and other information easily from our in-office kiosk. The efficient process saves time for everyone and allows the doctor to begin the treatment faster and keep appointments on time.

Having data provided electronically improves the accuracy of our patients files by eliminating the errors that results from manual clipboard entry. At the conclusion of the form completion process, the intuitive program checks to see if our patient has family members with appointments on the same day. If so, you can begin completing forms for the individual additional family member without starting over each time. This feature allows a parent to complete electronic forms for children much faster that was ever possible with paper forms.


Treatment Rooms

We currently have eight treatment rooms to better accommodate more patients in a more timely and efficient manner.

Our treatment rooms are equipped with the best that modern dentistry has to offer:

  • Modern Dental Chairs
  • Foam Support - for the neck, back and knees, designed to give you a more comfortable position in the chair especially during longer procedures
  • Digital X-Ray Machine - for faster diagnosis and to reduce patient radiation exposure
  • Digital Panoramic X-Ray - to let us get a big picture of what's going on beneath your teeth especially for orthodontic cases and extraction of impacted teeth
  • DigitalDoc Intraoral Camera - so we can give you a clearer picture and better understanding of the condition of your teeth and gums
  • Sapphire Plus LD Lesion Detector - provides enhanced visual information so we can better detect and diagnose the presence of caries and oral cancer lesions
  • Biolase EPIC™ Diode Laser - cutting-edge diode laser for Soft Tissue Surgery, Teeth Whitening and Pain Therapy
  • Cinemizer 3D Glasses - to alleviate anxiety by turning the dental chair into an entertainment space where you can watch movies and videos
  • Flat-Screen TV - to keep you entertained while we perform procedures, of course!



The Playland

We love kids and we've designed a room especially for them! Don't worry about taking your children along for a dental visit. We'd love to have them and they will surely have a blast in our playroom.